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China's Fashion Awards Ceremony

When they called my name, first it was all in Chinese so I was not even sure I heard right but the girl next to me told me in broken english to stand up and go on stage. Then when I was on stage with the top 3 Chinese Supermodel's, everyone was looking at me with big eyes-like " What the. . . World's first." i thought for a minute from their looks and eyes, that maybe they didn't call my name. Maybe I was up there by mistake! Can you imagine? But they gave me the big award of glass and a certificate from the goverment official so it could not have been a mistake. After I asked the girl to be sure and she said yes yes they called your name! It was a crazy feeling being the only foreigner to be on stage. Then too they went over the model history and I was sitting with the first Chinese top models (stay tuned i'll interview them) as they went over the 30 year history. Very cool. It's so cool to learn about history and make it at the same time.


China's Top Ten Supernodel - Top Foreign Model

After trains, planes, automobiles, I arrived in the last minute to the China Fashion Awards! I was awarded by the CICCC Government of China as the First Top Foreign Model; the first time in History of China a foreigner win an award! Never before did a foreigner win any award. I got the prize as overall Top Ten Supernodels, and the Number One Top Foreign Model!

Super Cool Shoes and a New Friend

I was sitting in the subway and I see some awesome shoes and a girl sleeping. I snap a quick picture and I am suprised when she says, "You like my Shoes?" in English! We end up talking about fashion, blog, China, Events and have so Many things in common. I'm so happy to meet Rain, as her name means in Chinese. She goes to the Beijing Communication University. Awesom when you meet a kindred spirit. Can not wait to see her again. Oh and did I mention? She's modelling in between study too. Model Power!




Le Web

So it's official, I'm going to Le Web, the largest tech conference in Europe! If you are there, then please contact me by email as can't wait to see all my dear techy friends! I can't wait to show you all my new services from 360Fashion, like:

Independent publishing platform for mobile magazines:

Facebook streaming app and News Syndication:

Don't forget to download our iPhone app from the iTunes store!

and more....


Photos from My Shooting Last Week

The designer was so kind as to send me the results from the shooting last week! All that freezing was worth it. Of course laying on the floor with the sun shining in my eyes is beautiful. I'm so happy about the results...I think I may consider to make my hair lighter! What do you think?