Anina Long Hair
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Shooting on Location

Shooting on location is indeed not an easy task. It takes many people to make it all happen: hair, makeup, driver, assistant, designer, models, people to carry, and more. Shooting outside you must be prepared for bitter cold- a frozen model is a useless model. Red hands hard to photoshop, red nose not the right atmosphere-unless you are a raindeer. These are body things you can not controll, but these are some steps clients can take to reduce the stress of it:

1. Warm water bottle for models warm their hands while waiting
2. Big coat for model to stay warm while waiting
3. Keep the car doors closed to keep the car a warm haven
4. Have an assistant throw the coat on the model quick if photographer changes memory card
5. Carb snacks
6. Lunch break
7. Work quickly and efficiently
8. Hot tea in a thermos
9. Morale-if your model know you appreciate their efforts it will warm them from inside

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