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TedxBeijing Remarkable Women: Elyse Ribbons


Elyse Ribbons, or Cheeky Monkey as I call her, presented tonight as guest speaker of the TEDxBeijing event in Beijing, China. Lately I have been thinking of seeing how my skills are at acting are doing. My last film was Pedra Mendalza, and then the two PBS documentaries. So the thought came into my head, not unlike a "spirit of genius" from Greek days, to call Elyse on my cell. She answered and I congratulated her on her speech and said I would be at the event, and asked her if she heard of anything acting wise to please think of me. She said she was just about to press the buttons to start to call around for a part of a robot model in her play at the TEDxBeijing. She said I could play that part and we met later days to practice. She made me do the French personality in the Starbucks, so I did. Then she showed me how she wanted it done and I did it like that. The whole role was to be very suggestive.

On the day of the performance, I got up really early and went to two castings, and then missed the third to go to the TEDxBeijing event. We practiced in another room next to the main stage. The location was at IMAGE BASE where my agency are located. Right in the middle of top studios and movie production houses, not unlike the one located at Wanda Plaza, and smaller than 798 (but as posh). The event was in a wonderful location I will for sure frequent more often, CNEX. There's a cafe and then a large stage speaking room for 150 people, and some additional rooms with couches and lounge chairs. Very cool.

 Here's my performance.

I look good blonde

I look good blonde. . . If i only didn't have a brain. Hair and makeup can do a lot to hide the fashion week flu. Everyone gets it by the end of fashion week cuz you are so run down. It lasts only a day or two but it makes it hard to work as you use your body's reserves. Thank god fashion week is now over!!



The World From Chinese Perspective

In the hotel lobby i saw a classic sight: the world map as they are in China. Suddenly things don't look so far apart.

Hawaii. Never been there. Kind of in the middle. My aunt lives there. And Hong Kong, now i see why so many asians went to Cali. And now i know why when flying to USA they fly through Tokyo. Hmmm. Interesting. I wonder if Russian maps put Russia in the middle? And middle east put them in the middle. I've only seen the maps in USA style. This was an eye opener.