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US Embassy Military Ball - Celebrating 246 Years of the Marines Stars in White Collar Brand Campaign, Beijing China

White Collar is the number one domestic brand in China. For the year and half I've been travelling back and forth to China, I've always been in the last selection but not got the campaign. This season I landed the campaign and the catalog! The other day we went to the White Collar office and they gave me the catalog. I'm all the way through. The concept of the catalog is to show all the week of a White Collar woman. From family to superstar to business woman to academic, this catalog really shows how the asian mind sees women. Mao said men and women are equall, and i find there are more women entrepreneurs, CEO, and support for a womans multi dimensional lifestyle than in the west. Here you see more women having a good mix of family life and high powered career. I think it's because they can have family help them with their kids, they can hire nanny for low cost, and the society here is more supportive of women. So i really like this catalog, not only for the photos but also for the message behind.