US Embassy Military Ball - Celebrating 246 Years of the Marines
What's Yours Comes to You Laughs with Jon Huntsman, US Ambassador to China

The new USA Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, is charming, experiences, and speaks fluent Mandarin. Together with his wife he's setting an example of international style. They have 7 children, some their own and several adopted. His youngest daughter is Asian and she knows her fashion brand names! She designed her own dress, and I fell in love with her golden shoes. Ambassador Huntsman was very kind to receive me at the Marine Ball and very happy to hear that as an American, I was reaching such success in China. His wife was excited by my offer to invite her to fashion events and encouraging to me to contact her any time. Ambassador Huntsman was very proud of his youngest daughter, who loves fashion and writes about it in her 11th grade class. I was very honored to finally be invited to the USA Embassy and meet the Ambassador finally. I always thought it was funny that the Australian, Italian, French, and English Embassy's always invite me to their offices or events, but until the Marine Ball I had never been invited by the Americans (and I'm American!).

"With Jon Huntsman representing the United States in China, I'm confident that we will launch a new era of partnership between our two nations that will advance our shared dreams of opportunity and security in America, in Asia, and around the world," Obama said in the White House Diplomatic Reception Room.

It will be exciting to see how Ambassador Huntsman interconnects with China, and I am curious to get to know them better. The Marine Ball was definitely impressive! He was really happy to introduce his daughter to China's Top Foreign Model.