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Crazy Studio Locations

Photo studio's should be big, white, and clean. . . In the west. In the East, any big space can be transformed into a photo studio for the day. As you walk in take care of the debris and the construction going on. Get ready to change and pose in the dark, and be sure to grab your bottle of water before they're gone cuz it's unsure if you will get more later.


That Makeup Artist's Look

makeup artists always have the funniest ways to look at you. They lean in really close when they put eyeliner on you, and they stand back and cock their head to the side and examine you like a deep dark painting before they start to fuss with your hair. Close in again for micro examination as if you are a microbe under a microscope, and then stand back again for the final exam. And all the while they are watching you, disecting you and perfecting you, the model is silently watching their antics like on tv. . .


My Life is a Movie

I swear, if what the native indians say is true, that the camera steals a piece of your soul, then i must be soulless by now. Not only the photos for the catalog or campaign, but the clients love to snap your photo every second with their phones and digital cameras. I swear there are pieces of me scattered all over the world. Little bits of me in phones, cameras, on billboards, paper, computers, videos, on tv, on facebook, on typepad, on screen. . . How could i ever collect all these parts of me and reassemble them? Not to mention all those background photos of tourists out of focus. . .and do they even know my name? By the way, these are the clients of the brand Dublya Fun. They are so kind.


I Am a Piece of Sculpture

I get stared at all day like a tv set or a piece of art sculpture that people admire. I communicate with my eyes, mouth, body, telepathy. I am the ultimate entertainment. I am more attractive than the hottest tourist attraction. I can draw a crowd in a public place like the palace man on a hoarse himself if he came to life. Now there's an idea. . . I could just build a statue of me. A memorial of me when i'm gone...


Lazy Male Models

Male models. . . So lazy. They take a nap whenever, and where ever they can, man. Watch where you sit cuz you might sat on them. . . Listen out for their snoring sounds until someone calls their name to get up and earn their keep.


Big Model Casting Call

I'm telling you models, when they gather, it's a chat fest. For me it's a great moment to get some good styling tips. I was not fast enough to catch it, but this girl was beautifully dressed in black belted maso dress with a scarf and bright green bag.