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Waiting while Michelle is Shooting

When you work in two's then you know that one of you will have to wait. While michelle was getting her hair done, i speeded ahead by getting some extra outfits done. Now i'm resting while she's rushing ahead. Chilling out, the makeup artist snapped this photo of me with his Eseries.20090810114.jpg Meets Michel Jackson in Beijing, China

Fashionmasters 006

The ghost of MJ was on my shoot for White Collar...stay tuned to the catalog to see how it turned out. I didnt shoot with him but I got to shake his hand and see all his shining belts! Photo shoots in China can be very extravagant like in Turkey, because the cost of labor is lower than the rest of the places in the west. Rock on with the spirit of MJ. I never really believed all the things they said he did in the press. My friend got to shoot him and he said he was really like a kid at heart. I think he really contributed a lot to this world and for generations as long as music will exist, he will be there with us in song. I was invited to his house in California, as once per year the workers can invite one guest. I was very honored and it was indeed the amazing never never land they speak of. It was a crazy shocking experience to go into the full movie theater, not pay, and could take whatever I wanted from the candy counter for free. The sculptures in the gardens of the characters from peter pan were beautifully made in bronze. The locomotive train that you could ride around the ranch and see the scenery. I wonder who's enjoying it now.

Saying Goodbye to Anna G

Fashionmasters 001
Here we are again, saying good by to an awesome model, Anna G. Her time in China was a great learning experience on what is professional. Anna G never complained, was always generous, and forever forgiving. Loved by all models, we are excited to watch her adventures in Milan and Paris after her short holiday in her home country, Poland.

Fashionmasters 002 Anna G always stylish. "Simplicity is my style" is her motto and for sure she's looking awesome on her way to the airport. Black Chinese silk scarf, long sweater for the cold flight, black tight jeans, african bangles (one giraffe bracelet given to her by the client), and short chic boots a'la Viviane Westwood.

Wishing you the BEST ANNA!!!