Shooting with Jien Yui
The Glamor of Location Shooting - Quick Change on the Street on Beijing Radio Station Thursday August 13th from 9pm to 10pm China Time

Anina will be on the show-My life in Beijing of Beijing Radio Thursday night from 9pm to 10pm China Coast Time, talking about how to appreciate runway shows! You can support her by visiting, more precisely: You can chat with her in the chatting room.

Anina本周四晚上9点到10点将做客北京电台外语广播《外国人的北京生活》,和大家分享欣赏时装发布会的心得,欢迎您的收听收看!网址, 视频地址 您还可以登录聊天室随时和她互动。希望得到您的支持和关注:)

If you dont know what time that is in your country,