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How to keep your health up in Beijing?

Everyone knows how poluted Beijing is with all it's powerful manufacturers and no wind. How to keep your energy up and your immune system high? Your skin sufferes, your hair suffers from the hard water, sun sun sun, teasing your hair, makeup every day--breathing in the dust. The only way I have found to not get sick, is to take suppliments. But I really dont like vitamines, so I actually take live suppliments--you know, the stuff you find in your local raw food market like I found one suppliment that I really like so much because it is grownd up wholefoods. Fruve. Its like eating a ton of vegetables and fruits, but in a concentrated dose.foto-fruvèper-sito.jpg

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 360FASHION CHINA Presents LU 12.28 Fashion Show Fez Bar Beijing China

One year ago, 360Fashion launched in Beijing, China with a photographic launch of Piero Biasion Photography.

Now, 1 year later, 360Fashion China celebrate the opening of their Company in China with the fashion show of LU 12.28 Brand in Fez Bar Beijing, China.

We are very proud to present and have a live webcast of the event on on June 11th, 2009 / 8pm-11pm / Fashion Show

Please do not hesitate to follow it in your cellphones via our mobile website:

Meeting Ying Shea of China Doll at the Italian Anniversary 2009 Beijing

I had the pleasure to be invited to the Italian Ambassy for a private celebration of the National Day. I met a lot of new people there but what was nice was that I got to see again the Ambassador. It was June 11th 2009 when 360Fashion was launched in China with an exhibition of Piero Biasion's work. I wore the same dress that I wore. I was very honored that the Ambassador came to our event. I met also Ying Shea, Cisco by day, China Doll by night. Stay tuned for my interview with her about Fashion, Technology, and Nightlife!IMG_2800.JPG