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when you really are part of the team

Language. Participation. Teamwork. Not every job you will get because of your physical appearance. As a top model, most of your jobs you will get because of relationships to the people you work with. If they enjoy to work with you and they know with you they will get the job done perfectly, and have fun, they will push you even you have short hair, and the client wants long. Even you are fat that week. Even your face is broken out. They will fix your every defect if the feeling you have with them is really one of team. It's not a western way to do it, i think it's a better way to do it. I think relationship is the biggest thing that china has to teach to the west if they would listen. If the west would loose a little of it's "me" mentality, and the east would loose a little of it's "we" mentality we'd have perfect road in the middle. But until then, i think the west can learn about relationship from china. That some things go beyond language. That things are more than just the surface beauty. That "in the deep heart" as my friend has said it, there is something more than just the color of your hair. Kate Moss showed it with her height. Linda E. With her nose. Claudia S. With her non-skeleton shape. It's not just about the money or the job, it's about the spirit of team work. This will get you the job when all the other pieces are in place. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently.China-Fashion-Week-092822.jpg

Photoshoot on the Moon Desert

I just get back from the moon. It was a long trip. Joke. I got carted off to some wasteland outside of Beijing where all there was was sand, sand, some shrubs, and more sand. The wind was so fierce that on half the photos i could not open my eyes. I had to close them and tilt my head up to the sun pretending "ah it's so warm and beautiful feel the sun on my face" look, when in fact i had sand in every aspect and crevice of my body. When i got home there was even a little sand castle in my belly button. In the last shots i was so frozen, starving (they forgot to bring food for me), and sandy. But this client was so lovely and her designs different than all other's i've seen in china that i gave it my very best and even hiked over a hill to get to some sheep on the other side, slowly sheepishly moving into the herd for them to shoot me. This woman was totally worth it because she really had an attention to detail and perfection. Her team was on the ball too giving me shelter at every moment. I appreciate people like that who are pro even when we can not communicate one word beside sign language and the universal communication of team effort good will.




Firs Banquet Dinner

I had the honor to be invited to the Firs banquet dinner during fashion week. It was a huge event with lots of ambassadors, dignitaries, vip, celebrities, and the entire fashion council. Here i am talking with the ambassador of ireland who was part of a panel where they asked what would be the advice for china, as they were the poorest country in the european union, and now they developed into a great business country. The ambassador said it was investing in education.shanshan nit 109.jpg

another day

These days i wake up thinking. . . What if. . . But i hope that it will be better. Today i'm in a big casting of my number one client. Now there are so many models here i think, how will i ever get a job with short red hair against all these generic looking girls with long brown hair and sweet faces? I keep growing my hair growing my hair but it seems to take forever and breaks off cuz it's so dry. Alina told me to put egg and olive oil on it. I'll try. Today's a super back to back day of meetings. I'll have to keep it tight on time. Right now this casting is already making me late. . . Tonight i have this great event at the tunis ambassador's. It's a celebration of the 30 year history of relations between tunis and china. I'm going to wear a dress by Lu12.28. Http://lu1228.360fashion.netChina-Fashion-Week-012.jpg

backstage at the casting for tong kong

The first big casting of the largest top studio in beijing. Everyone's talking about the GBANANA PARTY last night with guest top Dj, the venue, the alcohol, how there was no space to dance, and who hooked up with who. I feel like the three main topics of the world, no matter what your age, is relationship, money, and spiritual belief. I like talking more about how i can relate better, be closer to god, and make money. Art, Music, Film, Fashion are all things we share and express through doing, wearing, and seeing. Not much to talk about unless you are an intellectual which i'd like to get into those conversations more just to get off the topic of the three normal ones. It's why i like code, it's a powerful language that can create things to do. Code is poetry in motion not many understand.




dark nail style

There's something so sexy about wearing dark nails. It makes you want to suck your fingers. It makes short nails chic. It gives you some feeling in your finger tips. Berry, grape, black are my choice colors for summer. Makes me think about eating cherries and blueberries.China-Fashion-Week-002.jpg