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Anina Is Everywhere - Red Hair is Hot!

Sometimes I like to think I started a trend in the technology world. Since i was the first fashion model (maybe the only) in technology, maybe I have seeped into the engineer's brainwaves and now when they create dress up games for online, like MSN in Brazil (thank you sephora venites for sending me this), the characters always start off with red hair...something subconcious, or so I like to think!1.jpg and Kimberley Campaign

My campaign and catalog with Kimberley is out! Wow! Hot photos--I can't believe this is what i look like with long hair. Telling secrets was the theme of the day and the photographer loved it.
This was one of the coldest days that we ever had to shoot--it actually snowed outside. We were shaking to death and even the clients with their warm feather jackets were jumping up and down to not have their toes turn to ice. We shot near the Olympic stadium and Kimberley and I thought that we were going to be shooting IN FRONT of the stadium, but instead we only peeked over it in the distance laughing at our previous plans to shoot video report in front of it.
I just do what I feel like when I wear the clothes and I cant really explain logically why I do things with my hands and eyes, but sometimes I catch myself and think--oh why are you doing that put your hand down. When I do the photographer generally yells at me, "No! Don't move!" and I have to put my hand back up in that position. I never know what they see really, but afterwards when I saw the photo on the screen the photographer leaned over and said, "You're telling secrets. I love it!"
I love this outfit. It's actually difficult to get coordinated when you have to walk and the photographer wants your legs to be in the same's 1...2...3...GO! 1...2...3...GO! over and over...
I don't know why it happens...I just get these flashes in my head of the photo when I'm making the photo, and the feeling comes out of me and my body goes into some kind of movement. I really can't explain it, but it's what happened in this photo. I just pretended that we were two new york city chics shopping and snobby hanging out bad girls on the street in fur...hahhaha makes no sense I know! Kimberley and I were mo blogging it the whole time. I shot her when she was shooting. She shot me when I was we will make the video for everyone to see the backstage freezing commentary!

JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! That's all you hear and the nnnnnnklllkkkkttttt FLASH! Of the lights and then the BEEP! Telling you to JUMP! again...I had to correct height cuz Kimberley and I are two different heights and so I had to lean a little to the side so we would look the same level. Small tricks like that help the photo look better when you are working with another model. If I were the smaller girl I would jump higher like Kimberley did to match my height. Of course, the higher you jump and more you lean to the side, the harder it is to land in 8 in heels on a slipperly concrete floor! Don't try it at home unless you are super trained model!

Proporal Saves the Day!

I am always on the go. Where ever I am, I am blogging. If it weren't for my proporta battery back, i'd always be out of battery and no one could reach me on my phone. Shooting long videos costs me energy not only in the filming but in my phone. I just plug in the proporta when i have to do long video recording and i still have time to call my friends after the show. Highly recommended for all mo-bloggers!

Hob-nobbing With the Best

Lately i've been hanging out with very exceptional women and attending all sort of high level fashion events in Beijing. There has not been a lot of castings and to be honest it's very strange. On the few big castings all the girls are complaining about no work. So i'm not alone, but rather turning all my time to

The lucky part to save me from insanity is running around with all these great wonder women who as pioneers have been in china since the beginning of time! They are not only keeping me entertained with this galla event or that galla event or this exhibition and that cocktail, but they inspire me to change my idea of aging. They are very beautiful and if i can remain so lovely, full of energy, smiles, and laughter when i'm their age i too can hope to be as beautiful as they are. It has pushed me to see that one can remain beautiful and that one does not have to become this outdated idea of more mature woman. That age is of the mind and true beauty and style come from within. It shines out and the most precious thing we have as women is our inner child. It keeps us quick in the mind and fun-not set in the past ways but looking to create encore a brighter future! Talking to these women about creating a new world together of economic sustainability for the female class so that the answer doesn't have to be that i have to get a man in order to secure my future or become anything. By collaborating and women coming together the world can give birth to a new social, economic, and political way of being instead of how the male war mongers want it to be. Being with these self sustained, creative, beautiful women has given me a glimpse of another vision of what a mature lifestyle can look like even with wrinkles. I'm very lucky to be meeting up with so many beautiful women these days of all ages. I'm going to show them to you in the next days.China-Fashion-Week-092771.jpg

HRP-4C Robot A Bright Future Ahead for Fashion and Technology: Shinmai Creator's Project and HRP-4C Robot - 360Fashion

HRP-4C Robot A Bright Future Ahead for Fashion and Technology: Shinmai Creator's Project and HRP-4C Robot - 360Fashion.
By Anthea Tsoukalas

While Japan Fashion Week is in its eighth season, this was the first season for the Shinmai Creator's Project. Shinmai in Japanese means "fresh rice" and they certainly gave the audience something fresh to watch! They had the much talked about HRP-4C robot walk onto the runway to introduce the show! Five designers from around the world presented their collections to a packed house in two separate shows on Monday March the 23rd. These designers were chosen from fifty two potential candidates from thirty four schools and seventeen countries. The designers who presented at the show were: Nima, Donna Egro, Aéthéré(e),Shida Tatsuya and Sachio Kawasaki. The collections went off without a hitch as did the introduction by the HRP-4C Robot.

The Big Takeover : Rolling Stone

The Big Takeover : Rolling Stone.
The latest bailout came as AIG admitted to having just posted the largest quarterly loss in American corporate history — some $61.7 billion. In the final three months of last year, the company lost more than $27 million every hour. That's $465,000 a minute, a yearly income for a median American household every six seconds, roughly $7,750 a second.

//thats an insane amount of money to be spending per second....

what you have to do as a model sometimes

Sometimes, the things you have to pose for as a model is really funny or maybe nothing you'd wear. But it's your work and somebody's got to do it. These days there's lots of things happening for men's fashion. Today we were on a meeting for men's underwear. Wow. The jokes were flying in the casting and everyone was dying at the look of the packaging. It looked like we were in an x rated shop!China-Fashion-Week-092765.jpg