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china fashion week fall winter 2009

With only 19 shows this year of which 5 use foreign models, we see the recession hit china. Alina strikes a pose back stage at the foreign trends show at the chic expo in beijing, happy to have landed one of the 5. Check out the coverage of the china fashion week 2009 2010 on http://china.360fashion.netChina-Fashion-Week-092750.jpg

high seoul fashion show

Seoul fashion week is not just happening in Korea right now, but also being showcased in beijing, China. From the prestige of eco lover Lea Seong to the High Asia Seoul Fashion presentation today, Korea is creeping into China. Now i'm getting my hair done.China-Fashion-Week-092754.jpg

more of in action

Getting photos from photographers in china is like prying teeth from a viper snake. They don't have teeth. I have to chase and ask and chase and ask and ask again. . . Woof. But when i get them then it's worth it. I like these photos cuz i like the light and they are classic. I've not so natural photos in my book. My book is all high fashion. I really like these pictures-it's why i fought so hard to get them!







Le Divan Fashion Brand Beijing China

Le Divan means the psycologist's couch but it's not just that, it's a new fashion brand launched in Beijing, China founded by Aurelien Lecour and Toni Saint Hua.
"Everybody needs every now and then, to take a trip in the depth of it’s own mind. Taking a look at unsolved issues, cleaning up the mess, finding inspiration in one’s own experience, and finding one’s right place and relation with oneself, and the world. In short, having a face to face and cards on the table conversation with oneself. It is an essential process, but it is not a natural, or an easy one. It can be done through many ways. A series of visit to the divan of a psychologist is one of them. [Read More]"

Tony Saint Hua "Born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1972, Tony Saint Hua was the latest addition to his Chinese-Japanese-Vietnamese family. They moved to Victoria, Australia when he was 17 years old, however he made his own way to Melbourne, where he graduated from an accounting course at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)...However in 2001, almost on an impulse, he created his first street wear label: ToeKneeCo. After developing and refining his work he produced his first catwalk show. Exhausted, Hua decided to take a break from his work and journey across Australia to seek inspiration from his adopted home. This adventure concluded in Sydney, where newly energised, he was determined to follow his obsession for creation. "

Aurelien Lecour met Tony Saint Hua in 2007. "In terms of creativity their collaboration was extremely productive and their experiences complementary. The idea of creating a fashion house between the two quickly emerged. A few months after this meeting, Aurélien resigned from his job and dedicate himself completely to their shared venture Le Divan."

Check out their blog and video coverage by from the UNIFORM X PUNK event this past Thursday at Punk Club.

Raffles School of Design Graduation Editorial

The Raffles school of Design in France has an office since years in Shanghai, China. I had the pleasure to shoot with top photographer, Mr Jao, their end of the year competition photos which were published in the anniversary issue of L'Officiel. I was in Paris for the fashion week so I missed the issue, but my super assistant helped me to get a copy for my records and the photos are very beautiful. Their end of the year assignment was to create designs based on the painters, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt, and Joan Miro.