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MAC show casting

I really don't know what's up this week but all the top brands are having shows in Beijing, China. Today we are in the MAC store, a very dangerous place to be. I wanted to buy the eye shadow "Honey Lust". Lucky for me they are all sold out till next week in this color. We are all playing with makeup while we wait, already dreaming of the makeup that will make us more beautiful than we already are.China-Fashion-Week-005.jpg

February Trendshealth Magazine

This month i'm in trendshealth magazine. I just found out myself. There are the other photos. In china magazines tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to retouching as opposed to Europe where they could retouch a little more. In china i find that they wipe out all the skin to a flat surface. In europe you sometimes wish they would touch up a bit more (retouching is too expensive??). I like also the red feather dress photo but i'm too shining. I'm glad i got the green photo because i need more beauty in my book. They did not really touch it up much so i've still got my skin tone.




chanel casting

Today was the call back for the Chanel show. I just heard from Laura that they had one in Singapore too. The drill is, no jewelry, hair up, high heels, and bikini. Waiting in the hallway is such a sight.China-Fashion-Week-092570.jpg

maya perfect ten

Today Maya is the perfect ten girl at the Chanel casting. Besides her on fire form, what makes her a perfect ten in my book is her great attitude. She's really understated. She doesn't even have to do anything special to get jobs. She thinks if it's for her, it's for her. Today she's so tired cuz yesterday she did not sleep so well. On her first casting of the day she just sat down on the floor while waiting cuz she could not even stand up. She told me that the client came by and pointed straight at her saying, "I want that girl!" sometimes there's no logic. The casting was for tv commercial-for girls who want to loose weight. Like this perfect ten could loose an inch and still be here!



chanel call back casting

Waiting for the Chanel casting is a test of inner courage and strength. You have to be pretty brave to walk in a bikini in front of a panel of Chanel. I'm not sure what will really kill you, walking and being rejected, or comparing yourself to all the other girls. Today i made several bad choices. My hair from my job-wrong. My choice of soft walk-wrong. My choice of not going to the gym yesterday-wrong. Ah well, not everyone can be a Wanessa perfect ten or a Maya on fire form. You got to find your strength and work with that. Improve the other parts of yourself.China-Fashion-Week-092569.jpg

k-kay top makeup artist in tony studio

Today i had the pleasure to consult with a new photographer that i've never seen before. The best part of the shoot is i got to work second time with, k-kay! The photographer from today has shot so many top movie stars like Jackie Chan and more. His name is Renren. What was interesting about shooting with him was how he was very sensitive to energy and the truth in my eyes. He also is also only one of two photographers that pays close attention to your pose and how the clothes fall. Normally the photographers don't pay attention to the clothes, which in Europe is unheard of. Renren really choose each pose carefully. Also the style of modelling today was very European. Just stand there and do nothing. Not typical china style at all. It was good practice for me.

I had the pleasure of k-kay doing my makeup for Harpers Bazar China together with a top woman photographer, Junzi. She made me look deep into the fish's eyes for that shoot and be tied up in fabric. What beautiful photos. Awesome. I normally don't put China photos in my book, but k-kay's styling was amazing. World class photos and hair and makeup. I kept his hair for ten days after until i could not stand my dirty hair any more. When i walked down the street Chinese people loved how i looked. I tried to recreate the look for the LeWEB conference i went to, but i could not. I really loved k-kay'S way to do my hair that day. Check out k-kay's blog here:


Anina tv121.jpg

Anina tv122.jpg

Anina tv123.jpg

kappa show casting

It's becoming like Paris fashion week here. So many girls. So much competition. Really weeding out the best of the best. Shows are so different from catalogs. Catalogs, photos, advertising is my best, not much competition here with my book. My short hair's a problem but for photos they can put extensions. But shows. No book. Only your walk and your style. Not easy cuz most brands want Wanessa's style-sexy girls. Not my look. What to do? Every girl fights the negative thoughts of competition in their mind. It's good training. Maya's attitude is so great. She could really care less. She's young. She's got all the time in the world on her side. Nothing breaks her confidence. I want to learn her secret. Maya rocks.China-Fashion-Week-004.jpg