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meeting yelena

Sometimes with 360fashion i feel like a secret agent. Yelena meets me at the train station before i jet off to paris. I run to the office by taxi and then to hand her some packages, telephone numbers, and instructions for the amsterdam fashion week. Call james, he'll sort your pass. Give him this package. Keep this hard drive, someone will call you to pick it up.

Yelena just stayed calm as i ran around to get my ticket, and food, and talked a mile a minute. Go Yelena! Watch her coverage of the fashion week on

free mobile phone recharge point beijing terminal 3 E

Great tech available in china. I discovered this access point in beijing capital airport. What a great public service. Very helpful to travellers. I wish they were everywhere. I wonder if they would try to charge for evergy later. You could use solar power on the roof to give free electricity to travellers to recharge their mobile phones. So they can connect to loved ones and alert them to safe travel.Beijing-Model-Anina-2377.jpg

electronic chinese book reader

I wish they could combine this technology with the talking pen. It could be a new form of language talking tool. You could carry so much data with you and "let the pen do the talking". Touch to talk technology is what i call this form of language tool. One could have a necklace choker with a jewel that was a speaker and it would talk like a babelfish language tool with sound. By touching the pen to the screen you could hear the voice as if you were speaking. You could communicate all over the world speaking many different languages.Beijing-Model-Anina-2378.jpg

[daniele] Aperitivo au chacha Dimanche 25


voila le deuxieme volet! Cette fois avec la partecipation de l'Agence d'artistes Le Joker et la Galerie Patricia Dorfmann! Même formule: ouverture a 17h all night long. buffet italien offert et beaucoup d'autres surprise!! Dj's, concert, performance, lectures et un tournage!!! & more... pour un petit dimanche ensemble. A cette occasion Ecrivez une phrase vous définissant et venez avec...merci et a dimanche!!! Danieleimage001.jpg