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Ledivan Divan Showroom Opening Beijing China


The french are moving from Paris to Beijing these days and opening innovative showrooms in the famed 798. Ledivan Divan opens with a party and a bang Saturday, November 29th at 9PM. If you are in Beijing, I'll meet you there!
I'm excited to see this young team's clothing line in person and not just on facebook. They have attended the 360Fashion events we've been having but I've never seen their clothing up close other than what they have been wearing personally.


Here's the map if you want to join! 

Foreign Brand Invasion 


It seems every five minutes we have a casting for a foreign brand. Maybe due to the economic crisis, the world is waking up to the growing middle class market in china. I did a show for a swiss watch company this past week. It seems foreign brand shows fall outside the China Fashion Week. Luxury brands who may find it hard to enter an already saturated market in europe are finding open arms in China.

Supermodel to Super Woman


Transitioning out of modelling can be difficult for many people. Believe it or not, there is something great about being in front of the camera and expressing or putting on a show. The show organizer was a very successful model in China for many years and then she transitioned out and into being director of a top chinese agency. Then she got married, had a baby, and is now organizing top luxury events in China. She really inspired me. I asked her if she missed modelling and she said, yes sometimes. I asked her how she balanced being a mother and having a career and she said she could never do it with out the support of her husband and family who often take care of her lovely baby girl when she is so tired or working late. I asked her if she would let her daughter become a model and she said, yes absolutely. She would not wish her to become a sports girl. She said the sport industry was so demanding and the over practice and time involved to become the best in China, hurts the bodies in the long term. Modelling, singing, music, art, were all excellent careers along with doctor, lawyer, and the rest. I asked her how did she learn to become director of an agency and then producing events and she said that she worked her way up in the agency, and events came from being in shows as a model. I'm really honored to have met her. I'm sure you feel the same.

Men's Makeup



Male models never like to get makeup put on, and Simon is no different. However he get's it twice as bad because he has long hair and when they need him to look classic, the hair stylists never know what to do. In this case we all had to laugh because he really did look kind of funny. At least he can take it like a man and say "whatever". Poor Simon. My makeup on the other hand was one of the best I've had. Simon played it off great in the show. You could never mistake him for a girl!