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veryElle blogger evening - April 14

veryElle organised an event for bloggers on April 14 to celebrate the magazine launch. veryElle is a paper and interactive webzine.

First, a look at the content of this launch issue:

veryElle's debut issue is all about heroines, women that inspire (why wasn't anina in there? ;) )

Elettra veryELLE

But also: Chloé Sévigny, the daughters of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as well as Youcef Nabi, the man behind L'Oréal Paris

Youcef Nabi ELLE

The web version is available now and has interactive content: interviews, making-of videos...

The team did a great job at presenting the magazine.


Two of the Elle ladies

14042008059 14042008063
Cathy Nivez, Sophie Fontanelle and Valérie Toranian

The magazine version wasn't ready yet at the time, but it was sent to us the following day: veryElle * Couverture de veryElle



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Casting for Evening Dresses and chang an club

Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1133
Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1133
Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1135
Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1135

Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1136
Thu 17/04/2008 15:40 Anina-net1136

In China there are a lot of private clubs, the most exclusive one in Beijing i'm told is the Chang An club. You must basically be a government official or have an income of 5 Million dollars or more. Can you believe it! It exists. The west's perception of China is so outdated. There are so many wealthy people here. The Chang An club was closed for renovation and for their opening they will have a fashion show. You got it! We are wearing amazing dresses and this fitting is taking so long.

Back to Beijing

Wed 16/04/2008 07:03 Anina-net1126
Wed 16/04/2008 07:03 Anina-net1126

We finished late on the shoot so i missed my plane and stayed the night. This morning 6am to the Shenzen airport and i fell asleep by these clocks and almost missed the plane! When i saw this clock i thought, wow i need one of those for the 360Fashion Team!

My lingerie job

Tue 15/04/2008 18:55 Anina-net1121
Tue 15/04/2008 18:55 Anina-net1121

Why was this one of my favorite jobs? Because i'm NOT a lingerie girl and i'm so self conscious about my body. I have a 40's body, or you could say a brazilian body (no chest and big bum). It's not the coolest shape. On this job the other model had a stick boy shape, bust and no hips. So i really felt out of it for sure. But what i really loved were two things: the brand and the photographer. The woman who designs the brand, her factory is specialized in lingerie. Now i have tried all kind of bra: wonderbra, madenform, triumph, even japanese bra. No luck, i get no cleavage from any of them. But this brand gave me the biggest lift! WOW! Cleavage! A bust! And so comfortable! The panties too! Perfect fit and lifting up your bum! SO GREAT! Most panties when you have a bum don't really fit around your cheeks and end up ridding up on one side. This brand really hugged your bum and had special elastic bands i could see that kept the panties in place really well even though i was moving and walking around! So excellent brand. I want to get a ton of their stuff!
The other great thing about the shoot was the photographer. Even though i don't have a perfect stick body or thin legs, he made me feel so great about myself. Fashion can be so brutal. Sometimes you are standing there and the clients are just talking about your body like you're a doll. They can talk about how fat your legs are, how big your bum how flat your chest right in front of you like you are a store doll. And they can even make evil jokes or worse, complain and be dissatisfied. Really! And the difference between a Great Photographer, and a good photographer, is not only one who can do a great light, but one that can make the model in front of him SHINE and FEEL perfect. This photographer really made me feel comfortable and allowed my inner beauty to shine out. He's a great photographer in my book!