2008 The Year To Make It Happen
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New Year Sms Wishes

Buon anne cherie.Are u in china?Happy new year!Betony
Tue 01/01/2008 03:12 from Vernon Bettony

Hey Anina!!! I was just on your blog and I LOVE the N95 pic!! It looks so "bling Bling". How can I make mine look that pretty :)
Tue 01/01/2008 04:03 from Mack Darla

Happy new year, anina! Sven
Tue 01/01/2008 04:49 from Webcuts Sven

Wish you a Happy New Year, a prosperous and peaceful 2008! Rudy De Waele
Tue 01/01/2008 05:20 from Rudy spain

Happy New Year from Finland.
Feliz Ano Novo!
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!
Tue 01/01/2008 05:58 from Schick Charlie

Anina dearest, I wish you a most enjoyable and successful 2008!!
Tue 01/01/2008 06:27 from Radar

Happy New Year from Paris
Tue 01/01/2008 06:41 from Smith Charlotte

To look back upon our lifes in satisfaction, is to live twice. Happiness is the conviction that we are loved in spite of ourselves Happy New Year!
Tue 01/01/2008 06:59 from Fon Jan karl

Happy New Year 2008!. For you & 360fashion.net
Tue 01/01/2008 07:23 from Palacio Javier

Now it is my turn : happy new year !!!!
Tue 01/01/2008 07:56 from Favergeon Christophe

This year i got to be one of the first to wish everyone happy new year by sms-so it was so fun to wake up this morning to so many happy new year messages from around the world! Don't you just love the technology that works?