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We Have Come A Long Way With Mobile


Last night was really exciting. To be part of the event by live broadcast, skype with my tech friends, and telephone ip call, was a first for me. It was great to watch it with my friend marc from, Olivier from mobiluck, and sms messages. I think the web cam position could have been better.

I should have told of the 3D technology i saw in singapore. Is it inconceivable to think one day we could try on virtual clothes by hologram? Star trek stuff. It's important to remember that if we all dream up common elements then they will become standards. If we can agree together what open platforms to use, and make them interconnected, we can decentralize the network and remain connected.

China. If anyone at the conference is interested to hear of the fashion industry or technology field, please contact me. I have been here for over 6 months and have visited many factories, connected in other cities for both chinese and english tech scenes.
Check out the "china modelling" channel on

James! I would have loved to see your smile but we only saw the back of his head. But i heard you very clearly. The sound quality was excellent for live broadcast.

It was great to hear how the 360fashion teams met each other. Charlotte told a funny story. She said she was sitting next to the Reporters, and they were speaking about her in dutch. So they met. James and Charlotte met. Jennifer Delano stood up and said hi to me! How great she was there! When she said hi, and james told me, it showed me why word of mouth is still the fastest form of communication. It's so small, it can pass through the small tubes we have built. Imagine what the word BROADBAND can mean. Navigation. Universal time. Time travel?

CLUB AMSTERDAM - future of fashion

one point that i wanted to make but didn't have the opportunity to do so, was about how choosing the right technology for your business can really speed up and improve your communication and collaboration of your business.

for example, to work with the AIFW 360Fashion Reporters on the AIFW blog, i used google apps: email, calendar, document sharing, and chat. right tool, good communication: effective working together.

when people use email there is a time gap between communications. things can get easily misunderstood. equally with sms (160 characters) things can get lost. by working online together in the single timezone of connectivity--like chatting in the google chat window INSIDE your gmail application, means that you can quickly get in synch with what's happening in the moment.

there are many great free communication tools out there, backed by solid companies. there's a boom in open source applications, platforms, and tools, which centralizes a decentralized network. getting your content in and OUT of platforms is important. this way you always own the content. be careful as designers putting things on platforms where they say they own the content (facebook for example). be in controll of your brand communication through new media. new market channels can give global exposure to local brands.


the gentleman who said the online shopping experience is disappointing and that he likes going into shops. though the mobile device, you can do the pre selection, and browse in your free time on the bus what you like, then you can use your time more effectively, by going to the shop where they have what you want. the designers of the shop can even directly communicate with you through the mobile device.

the mobile gets you up off the internet and computer, and onto the streets, into the stores.


Great speech on fashion tech

Very cool to see the overview of physical objects. Wifi t shirt. Everyone is taking their try at wearables. Technology as brand extension. Joint promotion. We don't want - oh no he says elle girl plus phone is terrible! Exactly what i've done. . . Except that i'm not fake. I'm the real deal. It's about taking controll of your own brand communication. It's about planning a mobile strategy. It's about getting new customers and visibility.

My views on club fashion event

The live webcam of the conference and the viewpoint of the webcam of mindcaster on skype.
The live webcam of the conference and the viewpoint of the webcam of mindcaster on skype.

It's a really interesting experience to come in virtually to a conference. I really like this experience. I can hear them planning me in. Although my hopes were so high for the experience, it leads me to think about if it isn't so far from the apple tree, to think when they will get the teleport systems up and running?

Video call with Anina « MINDCASTER


Video call with Anina « MINDCASTER.

Anina, residing in Hangzhou, China, and I had a video chat.


it seems in a one-to-one video skype tube world, where fuel emmissions are with a high price to the ecology, one would think one-to-many video would be possible to project on a screen.


i was so happy to set up my camera, to make a nice light, to test it with my friend, to get it up and running, and even do this photoshoot!

very funny. it lead me to think that one possible future of fashion would be virtual photoshoots. cameras on computers with good enough lenses where photographers in paris could look down, frame their photo and then an operator on the other side can take the photo, where the team is etc.


charlotte smith is at the event from 360Fashion--it's a regular jambouree over there...the meeting of the clan of 360Fashion. very funny.

i did poke my nose in through the webcast channel. when they were setting up i helped them position the camera. it was funny to hear the sirens go off to signal a webcam request. very funny to hear them reading it. very funny to come through.


it's important at events to remain flexible when you are far away. you can plan things out the way you want them to go with all your heart, but then the reality on the other side of the world, is stronger than you little skype signal.


Club of Amsterdam Season Event.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008
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Charlotte Smith from 360Fashion Public Relations will be giving my speech, and I will then dial in virtually by video for the panel!