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Hallowell Experience

Hallowell is a pretty top brand here in China, with a big philosophy behind. We went to the casting to meet the head designer and he 'gave us the tour'. He showed us a few video's, he showed us documentaries made on him, he explained his philosophy, we tried on some clothes, and the whole process took around 3 hours. They were only looking for 1 guy and 1 girl. I really liked the brand and philosophy behind. The head designer spoke english he talked to us directly. Finally the most experienced of China models, Tray, had enough. He said, ok 3 hours for a casting is enough. We want to go home. Then the guy started to talk about money with us, and the job, which is kind of wierd. Clients never do that-it's why we have agents. But it's China, so everything is possible! But then the conversation got wierd and he started to say the brand had no money to pay the models but that his brand would make us famous and he'd use our photos world wide. At that point Tray got up and explained about usage rights on our images. We left pretty quickly after that and it was sad. The brand was good-clearly successful, but they were not interested in investing in good photos. Oh and by the way, the guy had a Hummer car downstairs. If they have no money how can they be a top brand in china? Who pays their store electricity? Who pays the parking for the Hummer and the gas? It was so disappointing but it left us all shaking our heads. Would have been so fun to work for that brand-but not for free! I would have loved to make his catalog because his brand philosophy was great-but clearly there's a disconnect somewhere. The model is the smallest part in the budget of a job; the studio and surrounding people far more expensive. I can understand giving young new designers a leg up, or even big campaigns like Prada and other brands use their media power as a bargaining tool when they negotiate the rate. But they always pay something. But as chris anderson said, we are entering a free market economie. Maybe we will all be living on prana?