Womens forum - transparancy, trust, and truth

Womens forum - transparancy, trust, and truth

If the news has made a mistake, then it's important to correct it as soon as possible. You need to print it in a clear place. And this is a way to drive re-reads.

Progressive businesses need to embrace ngo's and large corporations need to invite in the "greenpeaces" to find the solutions together.

There isn't a trend that ngo become closer to corporations, but rather when a ngo's cause becomes relevant, then corporations look for collaboration- because the issue is relevant.

transparancy, is held accountable. The sense of accountability is high.

Don't shoot the messenger for bringing bad news. Reward the one who brings you the bad news. Do an anonymous spot check. What's working? What's not working? Lot's of consumer research.

Interesting that there have been lots of questions to the business leaders, one question to the media, but no questions to the politician.