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Bluetooth headset - Skype

my question is, if my mac already has bluetooth, so that means my xp does too (it's an intel mac with both xp and mac on it), then why do i need the dongle? i'm really really desperate for a bluetooth skype headset so i can multitask and talk on skype without using my hands or being tied like a chain to my laptop. help!

: This is how to make a Bluetooth headset work with XP SP2 - Skype Forums.

1) Buy a Bluetooth version 1.1 or version 1.2 dongle with Class 1 reach ("up to 100 meters"). The brand of the dongle is not important (as long as it is not Sony Vaio!), but it is very important to check the specs of the dongle to make sure it supports "headset" services. You should go for Bluetooth version 1.2 if possible, as it has better headset support and is less susceptible to WLAN interference. My dongle uses the Widcomm drivers and as far as I know, all Widcom drivers from version and up support headsets. Alternative drivers are from BlueSoleil, but I don't know much about them (search the Forum for tips on BlueSoleil!).


admob news on MobileCrunch.

AdMob, a mobile advertising company, announced today that it is releasing its first periodic report on data and trends in the mobile market free for download. The report covers the 1.5 billion ads served in the month of September and includes manufacturer, device and country-specific data on AdMob’s top four markets by impressions served. The United States, United Kingdom, India and South Africa are all covered. In the future more countries and handset capability data will be added to the report. New reports will be released free of charge on a periodic basis to create transparency in the growing mobile advertising business.

KT-Tech, Incorporated.

Link: KT-Tech, Incorporated..

KT-Tech has invented technology that enables the transmission of high-quality digital video and audio over today’s cellular networks. This is achieved by compressing digital video and audio much further than has been previously possible, and results in unsurpassed digital video and audio quality, in real time, without the need for a broadband connection.


MORE signs of advertising and data mining from internet on: Techcrunch.

"TrialPlay’s ongoing promotions to help services make some money, while hooking new users and advertisers gain customers from trying something new, while paying for something familiar. The company is working with over 1,500 businesses to let users “pay” for their products by participating in an advertisers program, which range from buying a subscription to the Economist, to trying out anti-wrinkle cream." says techcrunch.

//more signs of adverising and data mining.



At least someone in Washington is paying attention. If the telcos are going to start asserting their right to decide what kind of information can or cannot go over the Internet, then they are asking for Net neutrality to once again become a big political issue. They should really stick to their “quality of service” arguments.