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Frans Molenaar

Maikel Bongaerts wins Frans Molenaar Award

      On Thursday the 26th of July Dutch fashion designer Maikel Bongaerts
won the Frans Molenaar Award during the Amsterdam Fashion Week, consisting
of financial support for the designer to develop a new collection. Dutch
couturier Frans Molenaar created this award twelve years ago to support
upcoming designers. Bongaerts is the first designer to win this award with a
menswear collection.

      Last January Maikel Bongaerts graduated from the master programme
Fashion Institute Arnhem, part of ArtEZ Fashion Masters. He showed five
pieces from his graduation collection but adapted them with extensive
handcrafted embroideries and created several new pieces especially for the
Frans Molenaar Award. The collection is based on the story of Narcissus from
the Greek mythology. Bongaerts’ collection showed strong and sober shapes,
but most off all a clear modern fashion image. It's a rear combination of
formal and sportswear which the judges at the Frans Molenaar Award named
‘male couture’.

      With the financial support, Bongaerts has gained the ability to
present a new collection during the next Frans Molenaar Award in July 2008.
For now his mind is already focused on participating as a finalist at the
Mittelmoda Award this September in Italy. To gain more experience and
inspiration for the development of his new collection Bongaerts is planning
to follow an internship at a fashion house in Paris or London. The
collection of Maikel Bongaerts is presented in the So Dutch Fashion