New Christal of my friend


If you are wondering why i have multi posts on my blog it's because i'm mobile now. I'm blind to the web in every way and i can only rely on what my phone tells me, and when i try to post, it says it did not go up. So i post again. Now typepad say it's not their fault, but then why does my phone tell me so? Why did then the makers of my phone not give a bigger vocabulary to my phone, so that instead of lying to me and saying it's the server's fault, why does it not speak the truth? Why does it not say it's the cellular network's fault? Why does it not say what on the server is giving an error? Why am i the customer, left to hear from typepad that it's not their fault, and they blame it on the connection, and my phone says it's their fault. The end result is the same, who ever you want to blame, i've got 8 posts on my blog and everyone telling me it looks ugly. Well, it's not something i can fix when mobile. This exact problem goes in fits and spurts. It comes and then goes. I hope the problem will go away again soon.