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Souvenir from the AW0708 collections by Suvi-Elina

John Agee by Suvi-Elina


My friend Anne-Marie introduced me to her friend, American jewellery designer John Agee, who has his own little boutique in rue Jacob, in the 6th area in Paris. The jewelleries are unique, like showstoppers. He makes only few pieces per design, sometimes only one, so they are very much one of a kind. John says he gets inspired by Africa, and anything he see and experiences in his new home city, Paris. John will celebrate the opening of his boutique this month in Paris. I am looking forwad to this party!

I took this picture on friday night, when me, Anne-Marie and Danny dropped by to see John, with a bottle of champagne with us to suprise him. A spontaneus beginning for the weekend!

John Agee

11 rue Jacob

75006 Paris