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Natalie Wood's Something Else

Sydney Australia 29 April

Natalie wood started a streetwear label since then it has been transforming into 'something' very special 'something else'  the new mutation of Natalie Wood's new label is more than just an eclectic fashion label its an artistic project and creative collective from top end stylists to the best hair and makeup artisans in Australia

Natalie Wood's brilliant creative and resourcefulness  pools  many talents in her final presentations(fashion shows or interactive fashion art projects) whatever you would like to call them they are just just innovative mystical new worlds a platform for creative exploration and bewilderment and in my opinion one of the best explorations of fashion presentation.

A small intimate group viewed the show, being presented with a narrative of stepping into a new world filled with textures layers smells(yes real organics and other elements) and the sounds of paradise lost a nostalgic semi apocalyptic romantic interactive experience, Natalie woods collection were designed in the same vein so the contrived envoironment and Fashion had an aesthetic symbiotic relationship

The styling was so beautiful i found it hard to photograph it, i was just in a dream state.

1st pic is very different to the romantic styling of the others it was much more modern and edgy
btu thats to bes expected of Natalie Wood's creative surprise

Hair was done by Australia's current best hairdresser Brad Ngata and his team

notice the detail in the set design this whole set was built inside a ordinary photographic studio
it's a real shame they had to tear it down after the first showing, someone really talented photographer should of done a full on editorial fashion spread using the set, everyone i spoke to agreed with me.


whimsical but utterly romantic and delightful

still in progress

the official Australian Fashion Week starts tomorrow!

Wendell Teodoro

matin makeup -- tribecca film festival

matin makup artist located in new york city..


Mandy's ELLE cover hit the magazine stands and it looks amazing. I have been busy with her doing press in NY, then with Jessica Biel was promoting her movie NEXT, the beautiful Rosario Dawson, Claire Danes, for a few parties and her Tribecca Film Festival Stardust premier, Angelina Jolie for A Place in Time premier and my week is done.  A place in Time is a must see.  National geographically beautiful with heartbreaking moments and great humor.  It is 3 minutes of footage around the world.

Rebekah Roy

Rebekah Roy reports about fashion and video in a recent video fashion shoot in london.

Penny Foster Video

I was working on the Penny Foster "Risk It" video . It was shot in Borough Market in London, it's actually a great food market but we shoot around the streets when the market was closed. We were all there at 5:30 on a Sunday morning. It was an amazing day, Friday had been really rainy but we were lucky as it was very sunny on Sunday. Nicole Arter did the hair and makeup and of course Annelise my trust worth assistant was there. For us it was an easy day. All the hard work is done in advance, there shouldn't be any surprises on the day of a video but you should always be prepared for them. You never know what might happen!