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Supreme journalists by Suvi-Elina

Veronique Branquinho by Suvi-Elina


Last night this young Belgium designer showed a strong autumn/winter collection where I have to mention my favourite, the long wide leg trousers, which the designer called "the new silhoutte after the skinny pants era".

Its is just too bad that the Paris Fashion Week has become overcrouded of designers (over 100 shows held during the week) which leads inevitably to the fact that some of them wont get the attention of the media that they would deserve. That was the case with Veronique last night.  Her show was squeezed between the major designers shows, plus the fact that her location was far away from the center of Paris, in the north, which will make some people to skip the show, not to miss the following one (Givenchy). I was shocked to see how many people didnt wait until the end of the show, and left on the second the last outfit was on the catwalk... but then again, the show was running over an hour late... so you could see the frustration on the peoples face, when they try to cover all the shows, and in the end they just get very tired and wont have the energy and enthusiasm to focus for the most important thing: the clothes and the designer behind all that.

Dispite of all this, Veronique Branquinho gave us plenty of beautiful items to wear this fall. Color palette was dark (black, brown, violet, beige, grey)... dark as a forest on a rainy autumn evening with her beautiful feminine old-times twist.