Lily Allen @ Cacharel by Suvi-Elina
Emanuel Ungaro by Suvi-Elina

Target dogs at Emanuel Ungaro by Suvi-Elina

Propably the most famous and fashionable store in Paris, Colette is celebrating its 10th anniversary year in March.  Their recent masterstroke was to bring the popular Proenza Schouler collection for Target (the megastore in US) to Paris. While waiting in the lane to enter the show of Emanuel Ungaro a group of white dogs came out of a van with their eyes market in Target logo, like a ...well.. "Target" smart

After the show, we were temptated to go to Colette to see the collection, how it would look like. And apparently we were not the only ones having this idea. The area was closed, due to over-popularity... what ever that means... so we didnt get to see it... ah well... never mind... as if there wasnt enough clothes to see these days anyway :)