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Antique, antique by Suvi-Elina


I am a huge fan of antique and vintage clothes. In the whole world from my experience, Helsinki is one of the vintage heavens. The thing is that it's relatively cheap and you can find some outstanding stuff.  i will post some more info about Helsinki later. P.S. This antique shop is located in Frederikinkatu, opposite Punavuoren tori-square.


Dear Clown Co.: Name This Thing Fast Before It’s Too Late.

The service will feature content from NBC and News Corp., and user-generated video. Both television as well as film titles will be available. Some content will be free, some will cost iTunes-like prices. The company will welcome other content providers, but they said they would be hesitant to add more equity partners to the joint venture.

There will be no centralized site for the service. Instead, content will be available through distribution partners, who will also receive a small share of advertising revenue. The company also said they will be looking to add many more distribution partners, and users will also be able to embed content (along with advertising) directly into their sites.

New Photos Avantgaurde Mag

My editorial with bos and allard came out this month in amsterdam. Let me know what you think if you buy it. :-) it's out of focus but i did a lot of expression. They tell me in the 80's people used to publish more artistic photos like these. I personally like them, but they are not what you would call money making photos. They show though that i can move and express. Many people said they liked the AM/PM magazine shoot better cuz you could see more. Do you remember that photo i posted of me jumping and leaping on allard's table in his studio. He said i was the only model that could have done it. :-)