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Target dogs at Emanuel Ungaro by Suvi-Elina

Lily Allen @ Cacharel by Suvi-Elina

Today singer Lily Allen was wondering around  the backstage of Cacharel. She was very easy-going, with no brainer attitude ... oh yeah, I'd like to meet more people like her around here! It's actually extra ordinary to see a celebrity in a show not head-to-toe dressed up in designer clothes, as it usually is the case... She could have been anyone, couldn't tell the difference. Maybe I wouldn't have recognised her, if  there wasn't any tv-cameras around her...

This season the Cacharel girl is East European outdoor chic. There were sculptural coats and white shirts,with simple shapes, patent leather hiking boots,  and proper pumps and techno heels. Definetly better collection than the previous season. Nice work from the designer couple Clements Ribeiro.