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Some more tea? by Suvi-Elina

Hairdo by Suvi-Elina

Today I was strolling around  the old town when all of a sudden this Chinese guy grabbed my arm and pushed me in the middle of huge group of people. In a second he removed my hair-band, and started zealously brushing my hair and speaking with a  loud voice to the people around, who were  staring at me with their eyes and mouths  open. As I don't speak a word of Chinese, I didnt understand what the hell was going on... until the guy  finished brushing my hair and presented this strange hair device to the people arond him. He seemed so excited when  making his hairdo presentation to the audience, me as his model... after some confusing moments he let me go with this  new hairstyle. Apparently my new look is in fashion at the moment as I heard people's admiring sighs and when he set me free, many people wanted to buy this magic hairdo from him.  I felt like Kate Moss selling millions of what ever she is touching or wearing... maybe this time it was just my blonde hair that sticks out of the crowd in Shanghai, where 99,5% of the people you see in the streets eventually have black hair.