Falling clouds at Chanel by Suvi-Elina
sources of inspiration by Suvi-Elina

Giambattista Valli by Suvi-Elina

Giambattista Valli's show was love at the first sight! From the first look till the last one you could hear people's admiring sighs in the audience.

Collection  was gorgeous and sculptural. From colors black and ivory played the game with touch of  bright yellow and red. I am also happy to annouce the return of the hats! There were plenty of them, big, masculine hats. Costume jewelry was imposing; hearts with skulls... The dresses were super elegant, but not revealing. I especially loved the puffy ivory collars. The black classy trousersuits versus loose voluminous A-line dresses and jackets gave the perfect juxtaposition for the show. Best collection this season I've seen so far.

Below a picture of the designer Giambattista Valli with his Russian model Sasha Pivavora on the backstage. Sasha is showing Giambattista her art works. Aside from modeling Sasha is also is an artist who's travel essentials are her drawing book and  handful of pens. She tells us that she gets inspired from anything that is surrounding her everyday life. Traveling in all the corners of the globe for modeling Sasha takes influences from all the places she's been to and transfers the world she sees into the paper for imaginative drawings.