Target dogs at Emanuel Ungaro by Suvi-Elina
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Emanuel Ungaro by Suvi-Elina

Ungaro show was a show off.. electronic disco girl with furs and sequins,.. But... no matter how loud the music is or the clothes are shining, there seems to be a common problem among the audience in most of the shows I've been to this year; people are bored... and I felt this already in Milan.  I think it's a bad sign when the front row is browsing their mobile phones or chatting to the neighbour during the show...  and run out of the room on the minute the show is over... this kind of behaviour shows no real interest on the clothes. On the other hand,  I feel there hasn't been so many collections these days that really inspire people. I think we're just crossing here a kind of interval... that all this leads into a new era, which is about to be born, but noone just quite knows what it is, time will tell....