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Falling clouds at Chanel by Suvi-Elina

Chanel by Suvi-Elina


At Chanel it was a cold and frosty winter morning. Spring is about to start and we stepped back to chilly winter...I had this feeling I was back home in Finland :) The stage was an ice skating rink,  roof filled with white clouds and falling little snowflakes.  What a pretty little thing!

The models were not so happy though about the slippery and bumpy catwalk... as if it wasn't difficult enough to make a decent catwalk with the 10cm high heels in super slim skirts...

For the very first time this week that show was on time  and people were still arriving and looking for their seats when  it suddenly started. Some people must have missed the beginning because of that, but 'the early bird cathes the maggot!'

Chanel winter collection is about tweed in boots, pants and jackets... black little dresses and evening wear with chiffon, layers and sequins. There were some interesting color combinations that is not regular for the house: black-turquoise and black-red tweed boots with  the matching jackets and skirts. Collection was very harmonious, in balance.. but definetly not borning! Everytime I am thrilled to see what Karl Lagerfeld has figured out next. I admire his capacity to constantly evolve, and move on, at the same time respecting the image of Coco Chanel and her lifetime work.