...and beyond is an amsterdam based fashion initiative.

Their focus lies in creating images, worlds around- and about fashion.

Conceptual and applied work exists next to eachother,

they are always looking for meaningfull ways to cross disciplines and styles.

text about the scarf design:

the scarf is part of the collection:

'something here feels horribly wrong'

This collection is inspired by the 17th century still-life paintings, wich showcase beauty, richness and prestige but reveal decay when you look closely, it seeks how to show the subtle, uneasy details of modern life. On the surface, people are striving for succes, wealth and happiness, but underneath, fear is taking over. This feeling of threat is woven into this collection as subtly as the rotten fruit and insects are painted into 17th-century fruit bowls.

The scarfdesign is based on the known PLO scarf, the design reflects on the conflicting connotations of this piece of clothing, used as a religious, terrorist, subculture or fashion icon.

The pixel prints are downloadable images from Nokia and show a sign of the present time.