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F1R5T P05T!!

Connor Dickie

Hey Every1! I am c0nn0r, and I am a new member of 360Fashion. I will be blogging on anina's blog until my site is up and running. My interest in technology is matched only by my interest in fashion and design, so expect to hear about the cutting edge in these fields from me on .

No, I'm not a model, but I am involved in creating new fashion technologies at the MIT Media Laboratory, and at the Human Media Lab where I have been a student of both Computer Science and Film/Media.

So, the pic above shows me modelling Joe Malia's "Computer Hood" (which is a hoodie that allows people to be more intimate with their computers) at this year's SIGGRAPH Fashion Show in Boston. Click the pic to watch the video. In the next few days I will be blogging about my encounters with all the cutting edge Fashion (and those who made it) featured at this event... I'll also be bringing you other great stuff I encounter in my real and virtual travels ;-)

Stay Tuned!