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From beggar to Fonero

Ok. It's time to join the movement. Kiasma has changed their hours and now close at 5pm. So today i am working on my wap site and hiding in the bathroom of the kiasma like a beggar for internet. It's like martin from FON said, who do you want to be? Alone or part of a network. He gave such a funny speech: you are at home, the king of your wifi but when you go out in the world you become a beggar: please, give me some wifi, please. But when you become a Fonero, you share a little bit of your wifi and then when you go out you are part of a larger network. Here you can watch his explanation of Fon. Martin, i got your point. Fon is starting in helsinki and only costs you 5 euro to join. martin's video explanation after aula for me about what is FON