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The school bully is moving into cyberspace. This girl was terrorised for more than a year. Coul it happen to your child? - Sunday Times - Times Online

Who is right? Are social networking sites exacerbating bullying or merely mirroring the cut and thrust of the school playground?

////my opinion is that we cannot prevent this type of expression of agression. mena trott said it so eloquently when she addressed LES BLOGS about how she was shocked about what bloggers were saying--that they would never say to someone's face.

the only thing i can think of is that we can only ARM the next generation with information. this may happen, that may happen, and give them the tools neccessary to know how to respond or reply. if that happens, do this, say this, this works, etc. then if it happens they wont be shocked or frozen or terrified. they will move into action. they will be AWARE of it and know what options they have. it's when you were unprepared and dont know what to do or how to handle a situation that you get terrified.

like cars: they can kill you. but you can look left and right and wait for the light to be green. but you always must stay aware when crossing. today, it's a no brainer...unless you are in london for the first time...then they even WRITE it on the street so you know where to look. thanks mark for making me aware of this issue! i gotta get perja to do a podcast with me about cyber stalking....todo list...