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Thalys to amsterdam

Off to amsterdam for a few days to touch down to earth after moving around. I have got the road runner fever. Can't wait to get to see my yogi's friends. I want to talk about all this stuff i have been thinking about.

Fon Phone Interface

As a thank you for his time, i made martin a fon theme. Unfortunately it did not work on his n80, i am not sure why. But as soon as i get back to internet i will post it for download from my wap site. Then all the fonero's can show their support of this great movement.

The best grave stone



We are done shooting and walking back to the car. We stumble on this grave stone of a bishop. It's so beautiful. It was a bit wierd today. When i was making up stories in my mind to look the part of my shoot, i was kneeling at a grave stone and i started reading it just to have a focus point when the thought occurred to me that one day there's going to be a grave stone with written on it. And there will be people passing by who will read it like i was reading it. That was a spooky thought. Then i came back to reality: no there wont. I am going to be burned and have my ashes spread in the wind. All the future people will just look my website and they will know who i am.

I wonder what typepad's death policy is? Will they delete my blog after time? Will my web site die when i die? Tapio and i were talking about this death notification stuff. Like, what happens if someone suddenly dies and you dont know about it. You keep emailing them and they don't answer and you get really pissed off at them. It's like they would leave then with a bad rap. There could be a service you sign up for that notifies all the communities and contacts when you die so they take you off their contact list. My phone rings an alarm for one contact of mine who is dead. And i wonder-should i erase her from my contacts so the birthday alarm stops ringing or do i leave it to remember her on that day?

Female Photographers

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I do not know why, but when i shoot with female photographers i tend to take more risks and be more riske. I know that a lot of models feel that way. I also tend to be more sexy when i shoot. They seem to capture also the more hidden side of me. The unaware soft side. Unless the male photographer tells me what he sees and thinks is sexy, i tend to be shot more android with them,sporty, etheric, or aggressive. But with women, they tend to be making me look their version of sexy. Like with Iris Brosch for Harper's Bazar. It's a very different sexy. Let's see when the photos come out. Somehow only the top male photographers know how to make me sexy to them and make me feel beautiful to them and attracted to me and safe to play between the camera and me. It's a fun place to play in when it stays there.

Tony Meneguzzo shoots me very sexy. Sonny shoots me sexy. And today Nina shot me super sexy in the Cemetary. :-)