Hi I have another help me

HOW DO I TURN OFF MSN? I have marked down in the application itself not to turn on. Not to log in. Nothing. Zip. In Microsoft Outlook, I have check marked not to turn it on. SO WHY IS IT ALWAYS LOGGED IN. I cant even turn it off! It doesn't appear as an icon in the left side of the lower screen. I hate it. Help! How do I turn it off. I have googled the heck out of it and I cant find anything that is in case.

...someone left a message and i tried it but it did not work.

i also have this CONSTANT POP UP window when ever i launch a microsoft email or powerpoint that asks me if i want to install voice recognition. it's so annoying. i wish i knew how to turn these things off. i have checkmarked it in the preferences of outlook...NO...but it still keeps launching and asking for a cd.