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So masha and i went location scouting yesterday for the opening scene of the video. We found the perfect location and we are so excited. We have yet to find the field where we envision the fight scene but we thought to go to fountain blue and maybe there is a field there. It's so cool the story and i tell you, masha is a brilliant film maker. If you have not already seen her work, please go to 360fashion main site and look on anthony's blog. She is so brilliant and everything is done in imovie. Can you believe it?

The only thing is about the fight scene is that well. . . How are we going to fight? It's a fashion video in the end! So  blood is out. I thought we could fight each other with energy that we get from these amazing necklaces that we have from Dorna Vidoni's collection, but then we have the problem that my after-effects skills are not enough.

So i told masha that i would ask on my blog if there were anyone who would be interested to contribute with their supernatural after-effects skills by doing the energy bolts and such. Of course we have no budget to offer, but we would be very happy to put your name in the credits.

I tell you, no one ever made a fashion video like this one for sure!