Makeup - Brush Effect

Tracey Halls - Test

Today i am testing with tracey halls.

it was raining this morning and i took the train to my test. today we are shooting garden party dresses and going to shoot in hyde park under the blossom trees (in the cold and rain). they say it will clear up later today to a whole 16 degrees. tracy has been so kind to offer me a warm coat.

when i came from the train this morning and i was walking down the street and i saw a boy walking ahead of me. i felt like i had to talk to him. so i ran up to him and tapped him on the arm and said hi! his name is danny and he was on his way to go to the dentist to get his tooth pulled out. he was so afraid. i hugged him and said, "dont be afraid. it will be alright. just surrender. everything will be fine. just stay councious. do not fall asleep. tell your body to relax over and over. watch the fear fall away, like sticky black goo into the floor. leaving you white light everywhere." i let go of the hug and i held his hands looking into his eyes.

i said, "isnt it funny? you're not supposed to be able to run up to someone on the street and say hi and how are you!" i said, "this is what the problem is on the planet. i want to wake up though! i want to wake up and start breaking old ways!"

he said, "yeah i  know what you mean. its all about being human. its breaking stereotypes." 

"if people were really like that, they would not fall asleep" i said, "i dont want to fall asleep! i want to wake up and wake up all the planet. i want to feel. i want to be alive. i want to care. i dont want to fall into a flat routeen of the norm of HOW THINGS SHOULD BE."

he said as we continued to walk together, "yeah, its so beautiful here, you just want to stay awake all the time. the world is beautiful." 

I said, "the world is what you think it is! the whole planet is about creation. look!" i said pointing at the tree, "everything is set up to grow up here! everything is creating at every moment on this planet!" he said, " yeah, you can make anything happen--any dream--any idea--any reality."

"where are you going?" he asked.

i said, "i want to go with you! i want to walk a little bit with you."

he said, "ok, and then you can cut down the street over there and be on fellows road."

"if everyone would wake up and realize we can create whatever we want in this world--" i said.

"there would be no bin-ladens! no war!" he cried.

"--there would be no separation." i said.

"time and space then would not matter as you could create instantaneosly anything you want." i said. "i have made almost no money this month. certainly i gave out more than i have earned. and yet everything has been provided for. how can you explain that? everything i need is provided for! i am standing here and alive before you."

we live in a virtual physical world. where there is a will, there is a way. you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it coupled with will. it's a decision you make. the ancient yogi's have said so. the huna's have said so. all the ancient masters and ascended masters have said so. we have been given free will. AND I REFUSE TO GO TO SLEEP! I WANT TO GET UP OUT OF THE MUD!


THANK YOU DANNY! i hope that you were able to relax in your chair and let all the fear fall away and surrender. hope you find my blog and we meet again. thanks for being human.

we hugged eachother fiercely and parted.

it's all about the secret, soma!