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Being Deported is No Fun

so what happened?

i went to london back from my pre-launch in finland of BRAND magazine to pick up my stuff at my friend's house and take the train back to paris. i was extremely exhausted because i had not slept the night before and at the immigration office counter i showed them my ticket stating that i was going to paris on the 30th, i gave them my friend's address, and when it all started to go wrong, i produced my working papers. that's when all hell broke loose, they took me into a room where the chairs were chained to the floor and began interrogating me intensely.

i have to stop here and write more later, because it was a very traumatic experience for me and i am still not really able to talk about it. i can only say, i can now understand what my friends were all talking about when they say it's really hard to get into america. if it's anything like this, then i feel for them totally. as an american, i have wandered the earth with all the freedom that my blue passport brings me, and i have been ignorant to the workings of the governmental bodies that controll all the countries that lack the freedom that i have. i am very lucky to be american, with all it's problems, i still can walk the earth without anyone saying otherwise. there is a very high price that is paid for this, and it daily, hourly, disturbs me. there is a reason i dont go back to the usa a lot and i dont need to list those reasons here. my judgement may be colored by the european mentality around me, and thus it is possible that my judgement on those political issues are totally jaded due to the fact that i am not very well educated on these matters, and trust word of mouth and the people around me. however, i am blessed with the amercian passport, and with the american mentality of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. i just wish they would have gotten the real offenders, instead of picking on someone like me to teach me a lesson.

there was no need to read my private letters in front of me and stand there condescendingly and comment on every line. there was no need to sarcastically note my very good technical capabilities, and yet not believe me when i said that the agency computer software date structure was faulty. there was no need to push me beyond exhaustion, by two overpowering men, to ask me tricked questions like "what is your intention here in the uk" and then not even let me re-read the notes that were taken on my behalf and make me sign all the papers one by one, threatening me with the right that they have to imprison me if they so choose to do so.

i cant talk about it any more right now....i am getting upset again.

the long and the short of it is that i have to go back to the usa to get the stamp now in my passport to allow me to re-enter the uk. and it's such a pitty, because i love my agency there, and i was totally making headway with my modeling and 360fashion career.

yes, it's a big lesson, as mr tony oliver immigration officer wanted to teach me. he said, "i will not let you into the country because, you, especially you being as meticulous as you are in your letters-dotting the i's and crossing your t's-have been very lax in your paperwork for the uk.

he then proceeded to argue with me that uk is in the shenghen territories. i said they were not, and he said they were. whith people like that working for immigration, it's no wonder that they have so many problems.