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Visualizing Regular Expressions

Visualizing Regular Expressions.

i found this reAnimator tool via alpha, for visualizing how regular expression engines use finite-state automata to match regular regular expression patterns against text. it's really cool and the explanation was made in openlazzlo. The regular expression is compiled into a nondeterministic finite-state automaton.
i like the a/ab/abc/abcd example and the a*b/b*a examples the best. check it out. it's actually quite fun to visualize. i wonder if you could build on this theory to expand it into a blog platform and use it to link words and tag items, link posts, and advertizing.


This is a sildeshow showing the photos from mark eley's ride in the gumball rally.

mark eley from eley kishimoto, a designer from london, is off to drive the gumball rally! this time their race will take them even on a plane to china! i was honored to help mark set up his phone so that he could flickr his travels and blog on diane pernet's blog about it all. i cant wait till the adventure starts! GO MARK!


360Fashion Proudly announces the launch of the first 360Fashion Publication: BRAND MAGAZINE. the launch will be in finland on May 22nd, and the magazine will be launched in mobile format first, then web, and finally the printed version. 360Fashion is proud to support Finnish Fashion, and together with Tuomas H. and Toni K., create a showcase through innovation for the 360Fashion Finnish professionals. BRAND MAGAZINE is proud to be sponsored by SAMSUNG.


my first art exhibition was in paris, france in a gallerie called ARTCORE. i was invited to join the art posthume movement started by artus, eduard, alexi, and daniel. it was the launch of my NEW KIND OF SUPERMODEL concept. then art posthume printed a book, where contributed 4 pages, one of which was with huna philosophy inside. now the new show of art posthume is going to launch on the 4th of may in paris, and i will have 2 pages hanging in the gallerie of agnes b. if you are in town, please check it out. at least i get to be back from finland and can be at the launch!


i think i am going to contribute this page here, and i am going to make a political commentary about a statement that i heard regarding my credibility as a buisness woman. or maybe i will use this paper that artus wrote to me when he was really pissed off at how i was becoming very corporate.