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DIANE PERNET IS SO IN STYLE, she's the one with the capes from BOUDICCA before anyone else i know wore them. i am borrowing one from her to wear to special events at fashion week. thank you dp.

27022006072_1 I LOVE THIS DRESS!!

it was really cool. i found diane (easy to spot in a crowd) and it was really interesting to sit next to her and watch the show. finally i had someone who could explain to me why and what they saw when they watched a show. her comments were insightful. like i asked her what was "classic" Bruno Pieters, and she said, puffed sleves, details at the wrist, the waistline. she noted that the grey trench coat coming down the runway would look really good on me. i think next time i need to go to an important event and i have budget, i will ask DP to style me. she's got a long history and a wiked eye on fashion.


27022006068 i keep seeing this look on the runway...little vests over shirts and sweaters. i would totally wear this outfit. i am just not sure where...

27022006059 it's funny how journalists are always taking notes, but why are they not using PDA's or laptops? i guess because in the end, the low tech is high tech. the problem is to then get it into the computer. i wish there was a pen, like the bluetooth pen from Nokia, that would then send it into your word processor so you could finish your notes. i guess handwriting recognition is the problem. too many people with chicken scratch for handwriting.

27022006063 now at least i know what i am going to find to wear for winter this season--it's sooooooooo cold outside! And i know how i am going to cut my hair.



keep your finders up girls! the attention to detail at the Bruno Pieter's show is meticulous. they even cover hands in makup (not a lot of shows do that) and then girls have to keep their fingers in the air so their hands dont turn purple from the cold. why doesn't anyone think of heaters backstage?


27022006052 Eric knew this girl and wanted to interview here but she didnt want to speak. the second he put his camera down, she started talking loads. i wonder why girls sometimes dont want to say anything to the press or camera. it's like they have only a private voice.


i was laughing because photographers will even invent new contraptions in order to create a different type of lighting for their photos than the typical ringflash or normal flash on a camera. the italians seem to be the most inventive on that part...





KOOS FABER: Preview zucca 06-07

I did the looks 4 the zucca fashion show today.
I did the looks 4 the zucca fashion show today.

Hi so to day i did the looks 4 the zucca show in paris.Its a litle mix of cowboy andy warhole style always a nice periode in time!To bad i can not do the show my self!Have to be back in germany 4 hugo boss wich well be fun to.Ciao 4 now koos faber.

Atsuro Tayama

The boots were great.
The boots were great.
Motorolla rules fashion
Motorolla rules fashion

video thumbnailModels running back stage video
video thumbnailVideo
Very good response from the photographers
Very good response from the photographers

It was cool i met my friend jill and we sat together and whached the show. It was funny to hear the reply from the photographers and see the models run backstage.


I ran inte Bernard and Dora as we were coming out of the show. Bernard is the stylist for the spanish WAD mag shoot i did, and Dora is the hairstylist from the Bienale art exhibition in venice with iris brosch. I got a great interview with them about fashion and technology!


My feet say no way and its not for another 2hours
Sun 26/02/2006 21:09 from Sunny

So it's 9 and no one wants to go to the ES show. They could not have picked a worse time. Diane Pernet wanted to go and Sonny V. too, but their feet hurt and the Rick Owens show was late, so it pushes everyone's clock back and the show will not start before 10. . .I guess i am all alone on this one!