Koos Faber at Lanvin f/w 2007

slides gave me an ultimatum

if you have been wondering why i have not been posting a lot since coming back from germany, it's because my agency gave me an ultimatum: either quit doing the technology stuff, or leave the agency. they say that fashion and technology do not go together.

they say,that i can not do both things and that i must choose to either be a model, or do the tech stuff. they say i will not find an agency in paris who will accept for me to do the both. and so i have been thinking deeply about what i am to be doing.

modeling makes me money, tech does not. i love tech, why should i have to give it up.

my two male model friends, koos and nathan show up on my doorstep as i am not feeling well, and i ask them what they think. you can hear their interview.

can models do more than one thing?