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Tv moda

I am working on the tv moda blog if anyone wants to check it from the 360fashion website :-) leave some comments.

I am suddenly on this crazy adventure. I arrive and go to the tv moda studio to have a meeting with jo and gianni and the tv moda team. They have a studio right in the center of milan in one of the hipest areas.

I am sure my friends are going to be upset because tv moda want me to come with them to a super big event with all the famous people in italy. We talk about their blog and that the phone does not work and i will fix it all tomorrow. Big work. Tonight i will blog on it as jo interviews people.

Be Relaxed

You will never believe this: i get to the airport and i dont have the total for the cab (over 100 euro). I dig in my bag and i have the amount to the penny but nothing for a tip. I step out of the car apologizing and i look down. There's a 10 dollar bill lying in the dirty puddle. I pick it up and ask the driver if he would like it for his tip. He's super happy and wishes me a merry christmas.

In the airport i pick up my ticket, and walk to my gate. There is a super nice massage place and i take a quick 20 min to work out the knots in my shoulders. Intense pain and release are good ways of letting go. I disappear into a deep meditation. Great. I so needed that at least i can move my shoulders again. Something is obviously driving me to italy.

On my way to CDG

So is this christmas or what? I called jo from Tv moda to cancell our appointment, and what happened? She found out i was sitting in the airport and could not meet them and they bought me a new ticket from charles de gaule airport. Now i am on my way to catch a flight to CDG and it all feels pretty comic to me. The coolest thing was that in the airport there was an orange internet wifi spot, and so i could comebu to the internet and do some business while i was waiting. As long as i have battery and internet, i have all the patience in the world. Good things come to those who wait.

Ps. Does anyone know what is the samsung phone that is series 60? Can you link me? Anyone out there have that model and could run a quick test for me? Thanks.

Off to milan

This is definitly how i feel this morning after going to bed at 3am and getting up at 4.30am to catch a ryan air flight. I feel really queezy and i really wish they would get the transporter machines up and running. Physical displacement (travelling) is so time consuming and physically demanding. I am waiting for the day i can just zap around the world. Imagine then how fast businesses and individuals will be moving! I just hope i dont fall asleep while waiting for my gate to open. I better set my alarm in my phone to full power.

Lost in Paris

video thumbnailVideo
video thumbnail

Last night my phone saved my life. Nghia, owner of capitale media, gave me a lift in his smart car. I pointed him in the direction and we started talking and suddenly i realized i had no idea where we were. Nothing looked familiar on the streets. I had managed to totally steer us in the wrong direction! He had no idea where we were and as i sat there perplexed trying to understand which way was north, Nghia, super zenmaster of technology, pulls out a little box and turns it on...It was his secret weapon he said and i watched him boot up a phone app on his s60 device called route 66. Suddenly a female voice said turn right, and before i knew it we were back where we started from and driving clearly to my house. I was late to my dinner but at least i arrived thanks to few clicks and a little bluetooth device.

Nokia DVB-H

Many operators
Many operators

Phone interviews
Phone interviews
N90 interviews
N90 interviews

Best dressed
Best dressed

After my meeting at diesel i ran to the Nokia DVB-H conference. There were many operators, press, and definitly not a vegetarian buffet.

Rodrigo ran around like crazy filming everyone. He's promoting his new platform which allows easy video posting. I am very interested to try it out. I said no interviews for the girl with the finnish flu thank you. He got one photo only because it was with Xavier. I ran into pooxi and they told me they are prospering. Jerome from and i had a lovely chat at the back of the room. He explained to me very clearly what the big deal about DVB-H is. I think he is def the most chic of the internet community, very debonaire.

Just as i was leaving i ran into nghia from capital media. It is always so fun to see him. As we were walking out the door, the best dressed man was entering. He won the anina prize for most fashionable.