Ipod and cellphone

Ohm. . .Non-doing

I have arrived to my yogi house and i have listened to his amazing story of climbing mount kailash. I have to post some of his photos. For the moment i am working on settling my mind down and quelling there anxieties about the future that live with me. It's like that for me: i have so much i want to do and so much is hanging in the balance. Do the powers that be trust in me to invest budget and work with me or do i have to do it all on my own again? I feel part of the answer lies within my ability to accept the things as they are and search to be happy with what is.

(i do not know about you, however, i have a lot of dreams and ambitions. My heart and mind telling of how i would like my reality to be...If then. Up down. Right left. You can do your heart in with duality). I dislike the waiting period before things happen, but i know that now is my time to go moment by moment. Step by step so as not to stumble, and so as not to mistake the diamond for a rock, and to appreciate the rock like a diamond. Patience is something i am not so great at. Today at the end of diane's blog there was this awesome story about patience. I am going to meditate on that story.

Trust me though, i know my mind a little, soon i will go into phase 2 of quelling my mind: i will get bored and start to look for something to do. It's hard for someone like me to practice non-doing and just breathe and BE.

Today there was a good omen to me: vesa bought a n70 because i told him to. He never buys a nokia, but i told him he needed a s60 phone minimum to work on projects with me. It was great, he trusted in me and bought the phone even though he does not like nokia at all. He put his money down though because he believes in me and the project 360. Thanks vesa, it means a lot that you believe in me and invest in 360. Thanks. I promise you will not be sorry and i will make it all worth your time and money-every penny second.