Happy New Year!

New Year Resolutions part 1

I keep thinking, as i decorate the house with flowers, what my new years resolutions can be. Anyone have any good ones to put on the list?

How about:
i will not work for free for any large corporations.

I will work less and i will daydream more.

Ha ha.

I will meditate more.

I will take care of my body.

I will sleep more and be more effective in my waking hours.

I will not burn the candle at both ends.

I will learn how to write a business plan.

I will spend more time with friends.

I will seek to release resentment, sorrow, and pain, and embrace joy through constant concentration.

I will have more fun in life! In the end i only have this body once!

Thats all i can think of now. . .

Oh yeah.

i will change the world by working to change myself.