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I have seen the future! Can you imagine the day when we will ride around in the car and surf the net?

So if you are wondering where i am, i am still in italy. Yesterday i met paolo and went to the server farm. My phone was too full so i used paolo's and i will make a post about it. It was an amazing adventure! You have to hear how these server farmers think!

Today and tomorrow pulling another 24 hour session, i am meeting with director christian arioli to speak about the movie we will make together. The story is amazing and they have been waiting one year to shoot with me. I play the lead and i tell you- the story line is so perfect. Everything i stand for. Great. I play the lead good angel and i fight all the evil angels. I cant say too much at this point but trust me, the story rocks. Now it's all just about budget which will allow us to pay for special effects graphics guy. Let's see. . . I want to make it a community project and mobile one. Very excited!