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Today i had to have a driver to drive me around the city to make it to my castings and drop off invitations to everyone. Thomas the photographer was calling me to organize me to be sure i have everything ready for the exhibition. He was mad at me because i was supposed to print the pictures today but i could not. So he told me, no more promotion tomorrow. Only concentration on the exhibition. I am really grateful for his help because i have so many things to do i dont know what to do first! I still have to finish the paintings! I have the party tomorrow and monday is coming up fast! I am feeling pulled apart. Tonight i will be bucke all night doing screen shots of the blogs. Anyone out there can help me? I need to take screen shots top and to the bottom of all the blogs. Help?

Gilles Rosier

Dropping off invitations to gilles at his atelier. He is preparing for a big show in paris! He is happy to be back here. He was showing in milan the last few seasons. He himself was writing invitations and i realized what beautiful care he took writing everyone's name etc. I looked at my scribble and realized i have a lot to learn still...
Oh my gosh! And he had THE BIGGEST APPLE MAC SCREEN and he showed me his website which is so very beautiful. You can see the video we did together on it. Check it out.

My Ipod Has Got Style!

I recently got a vaja case for my ipod. Unsatisfied by the plain black cases i bought at apple, i wanted more style with protection. I Love this case and i chose the two hottest colors of the season and i carry it on all my castings! Already so many people have spoken about it wondering where i got it. I love to be the first! When you order the case, you even get to have your name printed on the back. Too bad i can not get one yet with mini me printed on the back. Finally my ipod has got style different from the rest!

Brice Compangion

Brice is one of the top casting directors in all paris. I just walked for him for Issey Miake! Got polaroided. He is so busy he has to wear a nokia boom on his ear. He is also the most kind to the models, treating them with real human kindness. It makes all the difference to the models when someone really gives you their attention. He looks hot with is on!